JS20170629 – Starlab Software Engineer


Starlab, a private R&D company based in Barcelona (Spain) and Oxford (UK) is looking for an exceptional software engineer with a very hands-on attitude to join our team. The successful candidate will work at the forefront of Earth Observation and Neuroscience research projects with a focus on bringing research results to real-world applications.

We provide advanced Earth Observation solutions by providing easy access to complex data while leveraging Machine Learning.

We also believe we are driving a revolution in how we measure and modulate the activity of our electrical brains, which will have a massive impact on health, wellness, human computer interaction and society.

The responsibilities of the successful candidate as a member of the Starlab Software team include delivery of polished and functional software to both the Earth Observation and Neuroscience departments. In this process, she or he might be involved in defining key technical requirements from user needs, providing accurate design solutions, building code according to design specifications and providing validation plans to fully test the candidate software solutions.

The following are key requirements we expect the successful candidate to meet:

  • BSc. or MSc.: Computer Science or related,
  • ability to handle projects with a “multi-scale” approach, able to maintain a high- level view while paying attention to detail,
  • very hands-on approach and able to hit the ground running,
  • excellent communication and presentation skills,
  • fluent in English (spoken and written),
  • team player, our culture is very important to us,
  • curiosity, things change and we need to adapt, and
  • entrepreneurial spirit (we are a company!).

And for the technical skills:

  • Python is our most common language. Knowledge of Matlab is also desired since most of our researchers are using it too for prototyping.
  • Knowledge of web technologies and concretely Javascript and Visualisation Libraries will help us to build our front-end solutions.
  • Experience with database design and administration will be needed when working on scalable back-ends.
  • Also in the server side, experience in distribution systems, cloud computing, as well as putting servers in production are desired skills too.
  • Experience with GIS technologies is also very welcome for the earth-observation related projects.


Start date: Immediate

Contact: hr@starlab.es

Date: 2017/06/15