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In compliance with the established at the Spanish law 34/2002 on Services of the
Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the web site property of Starlab
Barcelona SL. (, shall contain the general information data listed
Company name: Starlab Barcelona SL
Place of business or domicile: Avda Tibidabo, 47bis.
08035 ­ Barcelona
Tax identification number (CIF): B62326871
E­mail address:
Data of registration: 18th October 2000




Access to the web site implies full and unreserved adherence to
the general and specific conditions, therefore, we recommend all web site users to
carefully read the present conditions as well as the privacy policy of the web site before using it. For any further information please contact us at

Access to Starlab site is free of charge for users and its visualization does not
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The user commits to use the site according to the current terms and conditions,
complying with law, moral and respectable customs and civil law (public order).
To this effect, the user will abstain from using the site for unlawful or prohibited
purposes against the public image of Starlab in the market, or of any of its
associated companies.

Likewise, the user will abstain from making any damage or impede the normal use
of the site, the services offered, the computer hardware, files or data bases
property of Starlab or of its legitimate titleholders and all kind of contents stored in
any of the different sections of the web site


Starlab assumes no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any damages or
harm on account of the use of the web site, or the information, contents, software,
materials or products included therein. Likewise, it assumes no responsibility for
any damage resulting from accessing other web sites through

The use of this web site and related Internet services is at the risk of the user, who
shall be liable for any damages arising directly or indirectly from the unfulfillment of
the conditions established in the present legal advise.

Starlab Barcelona SL withholds the right to modify at any time and without prior
notice the web side contents, as well as the configuration of the web side, including
the possibility of limiting, suspend or impeed, the partial or complete access to the
web side, at its absolute discretion.

Likewise, Starlab assumes no responsability for any damage occurred to the users
pc hardware or software during the access to the web side. Therefore, we do not
guarantee that the server involved is free from virus or any other damaging


In compliance with the established at the Spanish Law 34/2002 on Services of the
Information Society and Electronic Commerce will avoid sending unsolicited
commercial e­mail (spam) to the users that could have entrusted their personal
contact details to the company, except in the case that they have already had
commercial relation with Starlab Barcelona SL or the costumer specifically gives its

  • Starlab Barcelona SL is aware of the great importance of the privacy of the
    personal data provided by their costumers. Therefore, if you receive unsolicited emails
    for reasons beyond our control, or you wish to revoke your earlier consent,
    please contact us at the following address for automatic cancellation.

Avda Tibidabo, 47bis.
08035 ­ Barcelona
+34 93 254 03 66


Starlab Barcelona SL. is especially sensible to possible links that could occur from
third parties web sides.

The users or owners (individual or companies) of other web sites who intend to
establish a link between their web page and , must comply with the
conditions listed hereunder:

  • Ask for prior and express written authorisation from Starlab Barcelona SL. at the
    following address:
    Avda Tibidabo, 47bis.
    08035 ­ Barcelona
    +34 93 254 03 66
  • The lack of response shall never be deemed as an affirmative reply that
    enabling the applicant to make the link. Likewise, Starlab Barcelona SL. can deny
    any request at its absolute discretion.
  • If Starlab Barcelona SL gives permission to third parties to make a link between
    their web page and, this link, will in any case, be made solely to the
    home page.
  • The user will commit himself to communicate to Starlab Barcelona SL any
    change on the contents of his site. Starlab Barcelona SL reserves the right to
    terminate at any time and for any reason the licence granted pursuant this
  • The web page to which the link is established shall not contain false, inexact or
    incorrect statements regarding the contents of the site, nor shall contain illicit or
    contrary to morals and generally accepted ethical conduct and public order
    information that could injure Starlab Barcelona SL. image in the virtual market.


Starlab Barcelona SL. guarantees that all personal data from the users, obtained at
any of the registration forms incorporated in the web page , to
access any of the services offered in the site, will be treated in compliance with the
Spanish Law L.O. 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data (LOPD).

Starlab Barcelona SL. guarantees the protection and integrity of the personal data
and public rights of individuals, and specifically, their honour and privacy,
bestowing confidential treatment upon their personal data.

Likewise, the user will receive detailed information from the responsible for the
data files, regarding the treatment, purpose and use of his personal data gathered
through the information forms, as well as in relation to the copulsory or optional
nature of the answers given in them, and, in general, about all the requirements of
the current legislation.

Starlab Barcelona, SL has adopted security mesures regarding your personal data,
in order to avoid the access of unauthorised people and to guarantee the
confidentiality of the mentioned data. Nevertheless, the responsible for the data
files will not guarantee or assume any responsibility for the damages, of any
nature, that may be derived from any alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorised

Likewise, Starlab Barcelona SL guarantees that the users may exercise their rights
of access, opposition, modification or cancellation regarding their personal data,
according to the provisions of the LOPD.


This web site, as well as it Content (images, photographs, graphics or informatics
mediums designs, logos, labels..) are the property of or fall under control of Starlab
Barcelona SL. or of its legitimate titleholders. Therefore, they may not be modified,
copied, reproduced, adapted or traduced by users or third parties without the
express consent of the legitimate titleholders of these contents.

Any user that intend to use any graphic, image, photograph, brand, logos, etc..
shall request an express and written authorisation from Starlab Barcelona SL The
lack of response shall never be considered as an affirmative reply.

The trademarks and logos displayed on this web site are registered, or on the
process to be registered. Therefore, its use or reproduction without prior written
permission of Starlab Barcelona SL is forbidden to any extend.

Access or viewing the web site does not entitle the users over any of the
trademarks displayed on the web site.


The above mentioned terms and conditions are governed by the Spanish
legislation, being therefore, competent to solve any conflict derived of the
unfulfillment of the terms and conditions the courts and tribunals of Barcelona,