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Enobio & Starstim - Now available from Neuroelectrics


Starlab invented them. Now Neuroelectrics has delivered them to the market and perfected them. Here are the next generation, revolutionary cloud-enabled electrophysiology devices for research or medical applications – in the lab or at home:

Research class, medically certified wireless EEG: 8, 20 or 32 channels

Multichannel noninvasive wireless tCS+EEG neurostimulator (tDCS, tACS, tRNS)

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Oceanpal - Remote dry sea monitoring


Oceanpal® provides sea level, significant wave height and soil moisture content using Global Navigation Satellite Systems signals like GPS and GALILEO.

Biosemi - Advanced EEG data acquisition system


Biosemi® offers an research-oriented EEG data acquisition systems using active electrode technology and an open architecture.