Putting science and research at the service of specific client challenges

Starlab provides consulting services to industrial clients in order to speed up innovation in the automotive, space and textile sectors. We provide high-tech solutions to clients in the Environment, Space, Energy and Health sectors, based on innovation in Space and Neuroscience R&D.

We provide technology and market R&D capabilities for clients who do not have them within their companies (R&D outsourcing), creating new product ideas and taking concepts at least to prototype.

Our solutions include new sensors (environment, space, health and safety), services, software and algorithms, as well as client-driven R&D consulting—both on technology and high-tech market intelligence.

Examples include:

  • Thermoelasticity modeling for the metallurgy sector.
  • Realization of dedicated experiments for the space industry.
  • Prospection of technologies for intelligent clothing
  • Characterization of textiles for wearable sensors of the textile industry.
  • We have applied our Neuroscience sensors expertise to create new technology for a mass market multinational company.