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About us

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Starlab's mission is to transform science into technologies with a profound positive impact on society. Our vision is to make science more useful, alive, vibrant, faster.

Our main areas of work lie in the Space and Neuroscience sectors, two key areas for the 21st century with a common element: the increasing availability of streams of information. We provide technical solutions, products and services for governments, industry and downstream markets. And we create spinoffs such as Neuroelectrics.

Our values are service, perseverance, entrepreneurship, meritocracy, scientific and engineering curiosity, quality and rigor. We provide an intense but fun, challenging, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural work environment full of opportunities for personal and professional growth for our team, and a constantly increasing value for our shareholders.

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Starlab is a private company, with sites in Barcelona (founded in 2000) and Harwell (2013). Neuroelectrics was founded in 2011.