Data Engineer Internship

Starlab is looking for a bright data engineer with a very hands-on attitude to join our team.

The successful candidate will work at the forefront of earth observation research projects, with a
focus on bringing research results to real-world applications.
We provide advanced solutions integrating earth observation augmented services and machine
learning, to create new products able to be integrated in the decision chain for more competitive and
sustainable operations. We turn complex data into useful information.
The responsibilities of the successful candidate as a member of the Starlab Software team will
include pre-processing structured and unstructured data and designing and implementing pipelines
to deliver information to the final user. These activities may require the chaining of existing tools,
as well as the development of software.
The data engineer will work close with the machine learning engineer and frontend developer, to
deliver complete solutions, and deploy them into production, following best practices and high code
quality standards. Our applications must be robust, scalable and reusable. The successful candidate
will have the opportunity to experiment new technologies, and learn about exciting topics such as
Big Data or GIS.

The following are key requirements we expect the successful candidate to meet:
• BSc. or MSc.: Computer Science or related. If you don’t have a degree, you must
have a proven track record of programming experience (for instance having worked in a
a Free and Open Source Project).
• Ability to handle projects with a “multi-scale” approach: able to maintain a high- level
view while paying attention to detail.
• Very hands-on approach, and able to hit the ground running.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills.
• Fluent in English (spoken and written).
• Team player, our culture is very important to us,
• Curiosity – things change and we need to adapt.
• Entrepreneurial spirit (we are a company, after all!).

As for the technical skills, these are must-haves:
• We use a range of languages, depending on the project. It is more important to be a quick
and independent learner than a Jedi in a particular technology.
• Experience with database design and administration will be needed. We work with the
best breed of free and open source databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL and sometimes NoSQL
too (e.g.: mongoDB).
• Most of our servers run Linux, so it is important to be comfortable using the command
line (Bash shell, or similar).

And these are nice-to-haves:
• Some experience with Python, which is our most common programming language.
Knowledge of web technologies, and more specifically Node.js, will help us to build our
backend solutions.