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Do you know how parks, gardens and street trees contribute to the urban green of your city?

Do you know how your quality of life benefits from urban vegetation?

How green is your neighbourhood?

Many studies have demonstrated that green spaces provide numerous benefits to the health and wellbeing

of city inhabitants. With a combination of benefits such as capturing CO2, providing shade (lowering energy expenditure) as well as their intangible social value, trees, and other green infrastructure are becoming a priority for city authorities and citizens. Our GreenDEX rating provides this information based on high resolution satellite data. 

Early adopters: real estate market

Starlab service GREENDEX

GreenDEX rates the surrounding of a property from G1-G5 complementing the Energy Efficiency ratings. It is integrated in real estate portals allowing users to select neighborhoods and homes according to their green index.

Integration in AMAT portal (Real Estate agency in Barcelona)

Starlab project GREENDEX integration in AMAT real state portal

AMAT offers its customers advanced information on sustainability thanks to the adoption of the GreenDEX service.

AMAT portal users have a green index indicator with values of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 according to the Greendex tool. They also have a location map, which thanks to the GreenDEX MAP API, the vegetation of the area is highlighted. These two tools provide users with more demanding information to their search credentials.


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Examples of solutions


GreenDEX Map

Distribution of the urban vegetation.

The GreenDEX Map shows how the vegetation is distributed in your city, and which is the quality of it (vegetation health). You can move across the different areas and look for the greenest place to be!

Starlab project GREENDEX Tree health and inventory update

Tree health and inventory update

Based on satellite images analysis and in situ information it is possible to map with high accuracy health and distribution of plants in urban areas, and their diversity, for urban green management in order to maximize the benefits that trees and green areas provides.

How do we do it ?

Earth Observation & Ancillary data

Data acces

Satellite data provides a large-scale view of an area. We use high-resolution optical Earth Observation data from different satellites, depending on resolution and frequency needed. The Earth Observation data is combined with other relevant data to help refine and reconstruct the green landscape.

Cloud Data Service

Data processing

The processing chain includes a primary treatment to obtain the normalised difference vegetation information and a post treatment to delimit the areas of study. The service is deployed and run within a scalable cloud system that allows for processing and dissemination of data covering entire cities and its surroundings.

API Gateway

Data delivery

Our API provides the Green Maps and allows the instant generation of the Green Index. The provision of information through API allows for the flexible design of innovative online services as the user demands.

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