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How Green is Your Neighbourhood?

Do you live in Barcelona? Are you just passing by? Have you ever wondered how green & healthy the environment is where you hang out?

Based on our scalable satellite data service GreenDEX, we have analysed how green the different areas of Barcelona are.

Green rating from maximum G1 (blue), G2 (green), G3 (yellow), G4 (orange) to lowest G5 (red)

Above we have linked our GreenDEX rating to each of the properties registered in the Land Registry Office (Catastro).

Additionally, we show below statistical information according to census district.

Green rating from maximum G1 (blue), G2 (green), G3 (yellow), G4 (orange), G5 (red)

Our satellite data service is easily scalable to other cities, regions and countries. Contact us if you want to know more

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