Proposal Writer/Project Manager (Part-time)

Starlab Space is looking for an experienced proposal writer/project manager to join our team.

The successful candidate will lead and support the project proposal preparation of earth observation research and innovation projects, with a focus on bringing research results to real-world applications.

Starlab Space turns space science into advanced Earth Observation services. We develop a technology portfolio based on earth observation algorithms, data integration and machine learning. We participate in public funded projects (H2020/ESA/others) as instruments to support these developments.

Our mission is to provide high quality Earth Observation services to solve real end-user needs of final customers.

The responsibilities of the successful candidate as a member of the Starlab Space will include:

  1. Business Development within EC and ESA funding support
  2. Identify H2020 calls and ensure proposal delivery
  3. Support and indentification on ESA proposal preparation when needed
  4. Partnership finding and networking
  1. Project manager tasks
  2. Monitoring of project progress, deadlines, and outputs.
  3. Solve problems, conflicts, issues raising from projects.
  4. Ensure good practices in Project management (meeting, documentation, scheduling, reporting, review, internal/external communicatation).


· Excellent written English, capable of transforming complex text from different sources into readable information for a wider audience.

· Experience with EC funding and project management of EU funded projects

· Experience with other types of public funding is a plus

· Interest and/or experience in the space sector, data analytic solutions and environmental problems.

· Interest and/or Experience in Business Development

· Ability to meet strict deadlines

· Ability to handle projects with a multiscale approach: able to maintain a high-level view while paying attention to detail

· Masters or PhD degree in any related field

Additional skills:
• Very hands-on approach, and able to hit the ground running.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills.
• Fluent in English (spoken and written).
• Team player, our culture is very important to us,
• Curiosity – things change and we need to adapt.
• Entrepreneurial spirit (we are a company, after all!).