Quality Policy

Starlab´s Quality Policy is to implement all the necessary processes and procedures to ensure that excellence is achieved in our R&D and that it has a measurable impact on society in the form of technologies, products and services with satisfied clients.
Senior management of Starlab guarantees that the quality policy is appropriate to our purpose and to comply with requirements to apply the current regulatory requirements in all our activities and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system,relation with stakeholders ,and the customer satisfaction.

Starlab’s mission is to convert science into breakthrough technologies with a profound and positive impact on society.

Starlab’s vision is to be a referring in the World, in the development of new technologies.

1. Start with a real important problem
2. Demo or die
3. One little step at the time, but always forward
4. Work hard, be humble and seek perfection
5. Worship Creativity, Interdisciplinarity, Quality and Excellence
6. Build for others and leave a trace. Be concise
7. Be honest with yourself and others
8. Don’t work alone. Be a team player
9. Read and never stop learning
10. Have fun: life is short, at least for now
11. Break the rules. Innovate

Our formula: Scientific excellence business excellence