SI3D – Model 3D en profunditat per humitat del sol.

The companies Starlab Barcelona SL and Amphos 21 Chile Consulting Ltda. had a 1 year cooperation in the project SI3D (Model 3D en profunditat per humitat del sol) that was funded by ACCIO FEDER from Starlab side and by CORFO from Amphos21 with the main objective of develop the prototype of a ground humidity estimation tool for agricultural parcel in three dimensions (surface and depth)

The project has the support of ACCIO, the Catalan Government agency for business competitiveness, through the program “Núcleo de Investigación Industrial y Desarrollo Experimental”, funded through the European Fund for Regional Development (FEDER).
This document is intended to present a summary of the development of the SI3D project and the fulfillment of the objectives set.