Starlab Space area provides top-level technical consulting and value added Earth Observation (EO) services to many clients in Europe, and contributes significantly to several European Space Agency (ESA) technologies, applications and downstream programs.

At Starlab Space we have a track record of projects demonstrating a comprehensive set of capabilities:

Managerial tasks: Starlab has proven experience participating (+100) & leading (+20) projects in the frame of EU, ESA, NASA, EADS, and National funded programs.

Market development: Starlab counts on a wide experience in user management and market development markets such a as Agriculture, Aquaculture, Real State, Construction, Energy and Smart Cities.

Technical tasks:

  • Image processing: Optical data, SAR, Thermal, Lidar, dron, Scatterometer, etc.
  • Machine Learning: deep learning, classifier ensembles, classification performance evaluation (ROC, AUC, CFV), kernel machines, evolutionary computation.
  • R&D on new retrieval algorithms: 15 years of experience in ML algorithms applied successfully on the top of our Earth Observation processing lines.
  • Data sources integration: capacity of integrating and made interoperable different data sources (EO and non EO data) to fulfill standards and customer expectations.
  • • Capacity building: flexibility and promptness to customize services already in place providing solutions to customer specific needs.