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About Starlab DeepTech company

Starlab is a private DeepTech company funded in 2000 whose main area of work lie in the Applied Neuroscience and Neurotechnology sectors. The Company employs physicists, mathematicians, environmentalists and engineers who are backed up by a business team aiming to provide technical solutions, products and services for governments, industry and downstream markets.


In 2014 Starlab created Neuroelectrics® a digital brain health company that innovates at the intersection of neuroscience, physics, machine learning and hardware.

How we do it

We are a group of neuroscientists, engineers, computer scientists, and cognitive psychologists with extensive experience in protocol definition and implementation, signal processing, machine learning, and statistics. We have in-house medical degree FDA-cleared devices to record information from the brain and have implemented our own pipelines to analyse the brain data and extract meaningful information. 

about us

Phase 1. We define the requirements, prepare the protocols and devices and carry out the experiments to acquire the data. 

Phase 3. We transform brain data into actionable information through customized reports with statistics and meaningful visualizations. 

Phase 2. We analyse the brain data offline or in real-time with our pipelines to extract meaningful information. 

Background experience

Starlab Neuroscience

Starlab Neuroscience provides highest value consulting services for data analysis and neurotechnology to our clients in the public and private sector. We make use of public funding as seed capital for developing our riskiest research ideas and concepts, and fostering innovation in neurotechnology with a deep commitment to technology transfer into the market. The Starlab Neuroscience BU capability is based on a unique combination of expertise in different stages of the data analysis pipeline from the signal acquisition through signal processing to the final application of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

Managerial tasks

Starlab has proven experience participating (+100) & leading (+20) projects in the frame of EU, ESA, NASA, Private Foundations, and National funded programs.

brain health

Market development

Starlab counts on a wide experience in client service and market development in Health, Neurotechnology,  Diagnostics, User Experience, Smart Cities Real State, Construction, and Agriculture.


User Experience
  • Provide access to the inner world of your user groups in real-time. ExperienceLab, a customizable combination of bio-sensors integrated with your own ones and synchronized via cloud recording software and platform can provide you insight in the User Experience. 



Smart Cities


Jellyfish forecasting with ML (2010-2014). (Multiple papers and R&D references, not a commercial success). R&D references: 

Technical tasks

EEG biomarkers

Artefact correction, EEG/ECG/EMG processing, Event-Related Potentials, ASSR, spectral analysis, source localization, signal complexity, connectivity, cross-frequency coupling, complex networks.

Machine Learning and AI

Deep learning, classifier ensembles, classification performance evaluation (ROC, AUC, CFV), kernel machines, evolutionary computation.

Data sources integration

Capacity of integrating and make interoperable multiple and heterogeneous data sources (neuroimaging modalities and health records) to fulfill standards and customer expectations.

Image processing


Capacity building

Flexible and fast customization of services already  services already in place providing solutions to customer specific needs.

Quality policy

Starlab's Quality Policy is to implement all the necessary processes and procedures to ensure that excellence is achieved in our R&D and that it has a measurable impact on society in the form of technologies, products and services with satisfied clients.

Senior management of Starlab guarantees that the quality policy is appropriate to our purpose and to comply with requirements to apply the current regulatory requirements in all our activities and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system,relation with stakeholders ,and  the customer satisfaction.


Starlab's mission is to convert science into breakthrough technologies with a profound and positive impact on society.


Starlab's vision is to be a referring in the World, in the development of new technologies.

  1. Start with a real important problem.

  2. Demo or die.

  3. One little step at the time, but always forward.

  4. Work hard, be humble and seek perfection.

  5. Worship Creativity, Interdisciplinarity, Quality and Excellence.

  6. Build for others and leave a trace. Be concise.

  7. Be honest with yourself and others.

  8. Don’t work alone. Be a team player.

  9. Read and never stop learning.

  10. Have fun: life is short, at least for now.

  11. Break the rules. Innovate.

Our formula

Scientific excellence - check out our Publications.

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