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Starlab®  SERVICE

EEG Biomarkers and data analysis

Bringing scientific rigor to the provision of EEG data analysis services with biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment outcome characterization.

Starlab’s offer relies on the analysis of neuroimaging, as a key tool to provide cost-effective and scalable markers of health and disease.

Get the most from your neuroimaging data by putting our team, state-of-the-art data analysis platform and AI engine to work for you.

Tools and Pipelines for Biomarkers:

  • Spectral features

  • Source reconstruction

  • Functional connectivity

  • Event Related response, Steady-State Response

  • Complexity, Complex Networks

  • Cross-Frequency Coupling

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning

  • Automated EEG Artefact Correction

  • Transcranial electrical stimulation

These EEG biomarkers have been developed for the following application fields:

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