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Starlab®  SERVICE

EEG clinical trial support

We support CNS drug development by providing data on drug engagement, patient stratification and efficacy to support regulatory processes.

A client-centric service that transforms data from the most modern EEG brain monitoring technology into actionable decisions in order for you to:

  • Avoid of the dependency on behavioral cognitive tests

  • Increase the efficacy in your trial at lower cost due to more homogeneity in your cohort

  • Reduce complexity by using our all-in-one expertise in robust EEG technology

  • Make better decisions based on objective markers of brain activity

The Clinical Trial Support include:

  • Preparation your EEG acquisition protocol to include resting state and event-related data.

  • Dry or solid gel electrode solutions.

  • Insights into the electrophysiological principles of action through our validated pipeline, which includes advanced signal processing and machine learning, for using EEG biomarkers as endpoints or evidence of drug engagement.

  • Recruitment support through AI and Machine Learning for patient stratification.

  • Usage of our GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant data cloud repository.

  • Access to the most advanced medical class and research EEG technology from following providers:

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