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Starlab® SERVICE

AI for clinical decision support systems

AI delivers diagnosis and prognosis scores based on easy-to-use EEG brain monitoring 

Applications for mental health and cognitive decline screening that deliver actionable data for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment outcome follow-up and prediction.

With the support of the Michael J Fox Foundation, we have developed a Decision Support System for the early detection of Parkinson’s Disease from the analysis of EEG recordings – 8 years on average before its diagnosis. The prototype, which has been validated in operational conditions, integrates machine learning algorithms (SVM, Random Forests and Deep Learning) have translational value for the development of drugs and for developing neuroprotective publich health measures. 
Our clinical collaborators include:

  • Clinical Research centers - Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine Montréal, Hospital Sant Pau Barcelona.

  • Academia - University of Marburg

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