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EEG technology for corporate business

Easy access to innovative emotional brain markers

With EmoWave, we give you access to real-time objective markers of your users'  emotional response. We design and realize your experiment for validating your users' emotional response.

Our team has extensive expertise and experience in using medical-grade devices to record, analyze and interpret the human brain and body responses to emotions. We help formulate and define an approach that will give valuable outcomes for assessing your customers emotional experience of your product in an objective, scientifically valid way.
Our ExperienceLab customers include key players in following industries:

  • Cosmetic and fragrance - Givaudan, Natura Bissé.

  • Stress management technology - Biocomlux .

  • Communication and marketing - Corporate Visions, GSK Shopper Science Lab.

  • Museums and concert promoters - Fundació La Caixa, Sonar.

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