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EEG technology for corporate business

Easy access to innovative emotional brain markers

With EmoWave®, you can access real-time objective markers of your users'  emotional response, including well-being, through our proprietary WEEmo® marker. We design and realize your experiment to validate your users' emotional responses.

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Our team, with its extensive expertise in characterizing emotions through medical-grade devices to record, analyze and interpret the human brain and body responses, is best-equipped to help you. We assist in formulating and defining an approach that will provide valuable outcomes for assessing your customers' emotional experience of your product in an objective, scientifically valid way. We carry out all the experimental pipeline for you, from the participants’ selection to the final report delivery, with customized possibilities, including training your staff. We can offer our own medically certified EEG device, Enobio®, but we can also use yours if you already have one in-house.


We have proven the effectiveness of our proposed emotional and cognitive markers through a wide range of successful applications. The experimental setup includes image and sound sets, music, odours, skin care treatments, driving simulators and cognitively challenging arithmetic tasks. Our markers include but are not limited to the level of pleasantness and excitation, relaxation, excitement, calmness, stress, harmony, satisfaction, happiness, engagement, attention, fatigue and working memory, among others. We also created and validated our own well-being marker named WEEmo® to help you measure the increase in the wellness and well-being of your end users.  

How does the service look like?


Once you sign the quotation with the offer, we set up an official kick-off meeting with you to refine your requirements. We then automatize the protocol, prepare the experimental setup, and lead the data acquisition. Once the agreed-upon analysis has finished according to the agreed-upon time schedule, we set up a final meeting with you to discuss the outcomes and deliver the final report.

Our EmoWave® customers include key players in following industries:

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