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Success case:

Corporate Visions

"We have made significant advances in understanding cognitive functions and successfully provided to our clients valuable insights on their communication material with Starlab support."


Audiences seem to forget 90% of business content after 48 hours and the little they remember is usually random information, not the information that you as presenter want them to remember, a reality that has not changed since Ebbinghaus was doing his memory experiments in the late 1880s. 


In close collaboration with Corporate Visions we are developing brain tools to help you generate memorable communication materials. How do we do this? 


Starlab's role: We use our EmoWave platform, to identify various brain signals related to emotion and memory when people interact with various content types (e.g. mobile apps, videos, brochures, presentations, etc.). We translate these brain signatures into characteristics related to remembering content, such as engagement, motivation, attention, working memory, emotional arousal, and degree of pleasantness (valence). Once we have defined and computed these variables, we integrate them with the communication material under investigation in order to extract some valuable conclusions related to speaker behaviour, presentation layout, and presentation content.

corporate visions
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