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Team behind Starlab

Starlab team Giulio Ruffini  CEO

Giulio Ruffini


Dr. Giulio Ruffini obtained a BA in math and physics from UC Berkeley and a PhD in theoretical physics from UC Davis/LANL in 1995. In 2000 he and others founded Starlab to transform science into technologies with positive impact. During the last two decades (and counting) he has provided the science and technology visions for Starlab Space, Starlab Neuroscience and for Starlab's spinoff Neuroelectrics. He believes in the profound and boundary-blurring impact that mathematics, physics, and AI will have across fields.

Starlab team Ana Maiques  Founding Partner

Ana Maiques

Founding Partner

Ana Maiques is the CEO of Neuroelectrics, a company aiming to change the way we interact with the brain – developing innovative technologies to monitor and stimulate the brain. She was nominated by IESE as one of the most influential entrepreneurs under 40 in Spain in 2010. She was also the only woman on that list. She has recently been appointed to the European Innovation Council Advisory Board.

Starlab team Aureli Soria-Frisch  Neuroscience Unit Director

Aureli Soria-Frisch

Neuroscience Unit Director

Dr. Aureli Soria-Frisch holds a PhD from the TU Berlin in Engineering. He is passionate about bringing machine learning to real-world applications, which he has done for over 20 years in different academic and industry positions. He currently focuses on the use of AI to transform the manner in which neuroimaging data, and especially EEG, are used in the clinical domain.

Starlab team David Viñas  Financial Officer

David Viñas

Financial Officer

Mr. David Viñas graduated in Economics by the University of Barcelona.  His experience through the years has given him the opportunity to improve his skills and navigate the financial complexities of different private sectors. He is responsible of the financial management of the Company.

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