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EEG biomarkers  for pharmaceutical clinical trials

Increase the efficacy in your trial at a lower cost by reducing complexity to make better decisions based on objective markers of brain activity

Central Nervous System (CNS) drug development is the riskiest business in the pharmaceutical sector. Brain Health needs a new approach.

Lack of modern decision tools for mental health and neurological diseases makes them show large misdiagnosis rates. Therefore,
CNS drug development is characterized by the largest development costs among all pharmaceutical domains. It is difficult to find data on drug engagement and efficacy to support regulatory processes.

You will:

  • Avoid of the dependency on behavioral cognitive tests

  • Increase the efficacy in your trial at lower cost due to more homogeneity in your cohort

  • Reduce complexity by using our all-in-one expertise in robust EEG technology

  • Make better decisions based on objective markers of brain activity


We facilitate your access to the most modern brain monitoring technology by:

  • Helping you tune your data acquisition protocol to include resting state and event-related data.

  • Including dry or solid gel electrode solutions.

  • Applying our validated pipeline, which includes advanced signal processing and machine learning.

  • Using our GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant data cloud repository.

  • Designing a client-centric service to transform data into actionable decisions.

Our Clinical Trial customers include key players:

  • Large Corporate - Biogen, Roche, GSK.

  • Biotechs - AELIS Pharma.

  • Digital Health companies - Akili, BiocomLux.

  • Academic Institutions - University of Oxford, University of Colorado Denver.

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