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Success case:


"With the study conducted by Starlab, we were able to obtain objective data on our clients' impressions: The use of Galax Glasses sessions produces a relaxation effect on the nervous system in stressful situations."

biocom lux

Biocomlux is an innovative company that designs and  commercializes devices that promote wellbeing. One of their latest products is the Galax Glasses, which induces relaxation through light stimulation in just a 10 minute session. They wanted to use the power of neuroscience to scientifically validate the relaxing effect of the glasses. 

Starlab's role: At STARLAB we designed an experimental protocol where we could objectively assess this claim and trained Biocomlux staff on how to successfully record brain activity (EEG) for the study. In total, the EEG activity of 25 participants was measured before and after using the glasses. With our EmoWave technology, we found a reduction in stress levels and an increase in calmness at a statistically significant level. 

Biocomlux brain activity EEG
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