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WEEmo®: Our neuroscience-based well-being markers

Have you wondered if your products increase the level of well-being of your clients?


We encountered such claims from our clients and developed our own well-being marker, WEEmo® to solve their needs. WEEmo® extracts information from specific brain frequency bands related to valence (level of pleasantness) and arousal (level of excitation) and translates those into levels of well-being. We defined well-being as a combination of different variables such as harmony, relaxation, satisfaction, happiness, and activation.

We tested and validated our concept in a study with the cosmetic company Natura Bissé. Thirty volunteers participated in a randomized cross-over study. Their EEG and ECG activity was measured before and after receiving a fifty-minute facial and body massage treatment with creams or a control condition without treatment (fifty minutes resting on the massage table). Participants returned to the study location a week later to repeat the study in the alternative condition. All the participants went through both conditions during the two weeks. The order of the conditions was randomized for each participant. The participants answered the Ryff Scale (a validated subjective Well-Being Scale) before, after, and 24 hours after every session.

There was an increase in the new Well-Being WEEmo® marker after the treatment session not found in the control session and WEEmo® significantly correlated with the validated well-being Ryff scale (rho=0.29, p=0.01).

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to shed light on the well-being properties of your products!

Eleni Kroupi, Senior Neuroscience Research Engineer at Starlab


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