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R+D in Neurodevelopmental disorders

Nurturing the developing brain

We are using EEG to pioneer advancements in the diagnosis, understanding and treatment of neurodevelopmental brain disorders such as with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

EEG holds significant promises as an aid for the clinical assessment and monitoring of  neurodevelopmental disorders. A cost-effective technique with the advantages of requiring only minimal patient cooperation, EEG has the potential to be used as a frontline screening method, facilitating early detection of neurodevelopmental disorders in children exhibiting only subtle symptoms and allowing the identification of at-risk individuals before engaging in more costly diagnostic procedures. 

Together with our partners in the European projects STIPED and AIMS2 Trials, we are developing treatments for children and adolescents with ADHD and ASD. In these projects, Starlab targets creating patient stratification biomarkers for ADHD and ASD through advanced machine learning techniques including frameworks for federated machine learning and collaborates with Neuroelectrics in the development of advanced brain stimulation protocols (multichannel tES).

As we continue to explore and expand the potential of EEG and related technologies, we are dedicated to making meaningful contributions that drive the future of personalized medicine and neurodevelopmental care.


We welcome collaboration and invite you to contact us if you are interested in joining our efforts in advancing this important field.

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