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EEG Data Analysis for Brain Health

Brain Health Assessment
through the integration of brain-monitoring technologies

We propose the usage of EEG and neuroimaging for the evaluation of Brain Health in different applications

Brain health improvement can serve the characterization of cognitive stimulation. In the closed project INNOBRAIN, Starlab contributed to the integration of brain-monitoring technologies as well as in the development of neuromarkers that quantify and predict cognitive improvement of the patients. Innobrain is part of the NextHeath-RIS3CAT community, financed by ACCIÓ and the ERDF.

In the ongoing project AI4HealthyAgeing we focus on the ageing brain. We analyze the differences between healthy and pathological ageing on hand of EEG biomarkers. The project is focused on Parkinsons' and Alzheimer's Diseases. AI4HealthyAgeing is part of the Spanish Missions on AI funded under Next Generation EU.

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