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Neurodegenerative diseases service
Success case:


"Through our collaboration with Starlab, we have made significant advances on our understanding of the utility of EEG patterns as biomarkers of activity susceptible to support the development of our new treatments for brain disorders."

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The company AELIS, which specializes in the development of first-in-class CB1 Signaling Specific inhibitors, is conducting a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, multiple-dose trial in young adult participants with Down syndrome to assess the safety, tolerability, efficacy, plasma exposure, and pharmacodynamics of AEF0217. They have contracted Starlab to take care of the EEG analysis in different phases of the study.

Starlab's role: EEG analysis. We co-developed a protocol for this study, trained the clinical research team to conduct the EEG data collection, set up a cloud repository and a signal quality reporting system, and finally delivered the data analysis. Data analysis delivered different biomarkers based on:

  • Auditory oddball

  • Auditory Steady State Response

  • Changes in connectivity

  • Changes in band power.

Starlab Aelis
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