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Success case:

Olfactory company confidential

We collaborated with the Neuroscience Dept for several years to provide informed insights in fragrance perception.


Our objective was to characterise three different odour categories in terms of emotional valence (level of pleasantness) and arousal (level of activation/excitation), validating odour categories as invigorating, relaxing or neutral (control odour). We found lower arousal for the relaxing odour, higher arousal for the invigorating odour, and neutral arousal for the control odour, validating the claim. We noticed that the relaxing/invigorating odours move to the diagonal of the circumplex model of affect (Russell, 1980). 

Starlab's role: Starlab prepared the data-acquisition protocol, trained the staff to carry out the experiments, analysed the data, and delivered the final results and corresponding report. 

emowave informed insights in fragrance perception
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