We are currently organized in two main areas:




We provide state-of-the-art neuroscience data analyis services in three main areas: Human Experience, Human Performance and Biomarker discovery.

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Our team has a dream: to reinvent the way we observe and treat the human brain. Neuroelectrics has created diagnostic and treatment telemedicine wireless platforms.

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star2earth Star2earth

Earth observation

We provide advanced solutions integrating Earth Observation augmented services and products into the decision chain for decision makers. Iarbol is our last product. Tree health and inventory in urban areas. Visualize it here

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Space tech research

We provide simulation tools, research oriented instruments and know-how in specific space-related areas such as GNSS, GNSS reflectometry, RADAR, SAR, Altimetry. © Photo ESA

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Neuroscience Research

Space tech research, simulation and
performance analysis



Sello Pyme Innovadora 2018


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