Starlab Space


New concepts for
Remote Sensing

Our two Space business units: Space Technologies and Star2Earth

Starlab Space Technologies provides R&D consulting, software simulation tools and instruments with a focus on radar remote sensing. We develop new space sensors and mission concepts including remote sensing applications of GPS and Galileo, Synthetic Aperture RADAR and advanced Space Altimetry. We offer:

  • Mission performance analysis
  • Design and implementation of end-to-end satellite mission simulators
  • Feasibility studies and of algorithms
  • Microwave instrument prototyping
  • Data processing
  • Training on radar technologies (SAR, GNSS)

At Star2Earth we integrate Earth Observation services and products into the decision chain for more competitive and sustainable operations. Clients of our services include international and national enterprises and administrations in the water management, energy, agriculture and environmental management sectors.


Advanced Radar Systems / SAR

With a focus on advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems such as Wavemill, we provide end-to-end simulation, mission analysis, design, and performance estimation of a wide number of radar concepts, including: interferometry, multi-dimensional parameter retrieval, and wide-swath coverage.

Space Altimetry

With more than 7 five years of experience in the new altimetric, improved-resolution SAR mode, we specialize in simulation and processing satellite altimeter high-resolution data and extracting relevant geophysical information, as well as providing assessment of on-board and on-ground processing techniques.

GNSS-R Technologies

Starlab is a pioneer and leader in GNSS-R technologies. Our 15 years of expertise spans the design and manufacturing of advanced GNSS-R instruments (Oceanpal), GNSS-R simulators (StarGym) and the development of algorithms and applications for the retrieval of ocean and land geophysical parameters (waves, sea level, soil moisture and biomass).

EO Applications

Our Star2Earth unit provides services and products based on advanced algorithms for ocean and land remote sensing (environmental, energy and agriculture). We provide solutions for our clients assimilating EO satellite data with a focus on hydropower, smart cities, agriculture, and water quality services.