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Connecting the electrical brain

Exploring EEG Analysis and TES Technology in Neuroscience

We provide state-of-the-art neuroimaging data analysis services in four main areas: Experience, Aging, Neurodevelopment, and Neuromodulation.

We  combine Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience to facilitate your access to medical class Neurotechnology for Electroencephalography (EEG) and Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (tES).


We have created diagnostic and treatment telemedicine wireless platforms in order to reinvent the way we observe and treat the human brain.

Our Offer:



as a Service

Analysis of neuroimaging data to provide cost-effective and scalable markers of health and disease

We provide a versatile EEG analysis platform with integration options for various sensory and stimulation technologies, such as MRI, ECG, GSR, and more. Our advanced machine learning and AI engine enhances data analysis. Utilizing Neuroelectrics® EEG and tES technology, we facilitate data collection and experiment planning, offering a comprehensive solution for research and analysis.



We provide validated objective
markers of
emotional response in real time

For the first time, we provide objective access to the inner emotional world of your user groups in real time. Our ExperienceLab customers include key players in the cosmetic and fragrance industry, museum exhibitors and concert promoters, product packaging and advertising companies.




Diagnostic and early detection in neurodegenerative diseases

We study neurodegenerative diseases through the application of EEG. The main goal is to discover neuropathology at the early stages of the disease, where the brain has not been yet seriously affected and disease-modifying therapy is still possible. Our EEG biomarkers in combination with Artificial Intelligence can be used for cognitive decline detection, patient stratification in clinical trials, and clinical decision support.



Pediatric neurodevelopment

Nurturing the developing brain

Together with our partners, we are developing DHD and ASD treatments for children and adolescents on STIPED and AIMS2 Trials. Starlab focuses on biomarker creation using advanced machine learning, federated learning, and collaborates with Neuroelectrics® on multichannel tDCS stimulation protocols.

SME Focus Group in AI

Starlab is member of the SME Focus Group in AI, a group of 100 selected companies in the EU driving the development of AI.

Funded by the European Union
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