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"Starlab allows us to obtain a global picture of our patients' brain activity thus supporting our activities of evaluation and improvement of brain health."


Assessing how healthy your brain is should be possible, the same way one goes to the doctor to check their heart. The Brain360 Institute is on a mission to develop innovative therapies and diagnostics to improve mental and brain health and have contracted Starlab to help achieving their goal.

Starlab's role: Starlab supports Brain360’s activity by providing reports based on each patient’s brain activity recording and depicting key features to assess their brain’s health .


During the first and last Brain360 therapy session, each patient undergo a quick electroencephalographic (EEG) recording using the Enobio® helmet to capture their brain signals whilst they are at rest. Then, Starlab:

-  receives the recording transferred through our GDPR compliant procedures

- automatically processes the data to extract meaningful brain activity features supporting brain health assessment

- automatically generates a report  that is then sent back to the Brain360 clinical team.

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electroencephalographic (EEG) recording
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